Friday, February 11, 2011

Tips how to make a blog popular!

There is many ways to make your Blog popular. Of course it is not very easy becouse of big competition amoung bloggers. Here you can read few very useful tips to improve traffic on your websites.

1. Write as much content as possible so that you have many pages indexed in the searches.

2. Many free blog directories you can join -

3. Links exchanges with the others.

4. Reply to the comments and mails from your vistors.

5. Forum Posting in related forums.

6. Good tittle and key words and dont forget about nice to eyes text and background colors.

7. Tell friends about your web site/blog (by Facebook, Twitter etc). Write the adress on your YouTube channel if you have one, and use every opportunity to let people know about your site! But remember to don't spam. Nobody likes it!

Good luck!

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